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dog of war


Rufus Mangrove

on the fourth day he appeared. he looked a bit like a canary wrapped inside some kind of plastic bag. i didn’t want to touch him at first. i knew about germs and cleanliness and frankly i was one of those types of guys that just kind of got skeeved out by things that maybe most people don’t get skeeved out by. like carrots for instance. i can’t stand even the sight of them. i feel like i hear nails scratching a chalkboard over and over and over again. the only thing that can drown out the feeling is boy george man. not the new boy george with the slick hair and sober stare. it’s when he had all those colors in his hair and he was on everybodys pencil cases and thermoses and folders if you were under thirteen and you knew all the words to karma karma karma karma karma chameleon and there were just rumors that he was on drugs and was gay and was just a total mess and not the star of your entire life along with michael jackson. that’s the only shit that works for me when it comes to carrots.


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  1. April 1, 2011

    I’ve noticed that you’re posting your pictures in full resolution. Don’t you mind if someone downloads them?

    • Rufus Mangrove #
      April 2, 2011

      Hey Stamatis Gr. Thanks for visiting. I visited your site and I really enjoy your shots of greece. I went to greece about a year ago . . . the first and second fingers. Beautiful. As for the full resolution thing, they’re actually not full resolution. Yes, they are certainly big enough for someone to download them and copy them. There are certain plug ins that allow the prevention of the right click but in the end, I trust people that they’re not going to either pass off the pictures as their own or use them for commercial purposes. It’s the latter which I am vehemently against. I don’t make a living off my street photography . . . it is my hobby, passion, addiction! And, in the end, I’m not going to stop people from doing it. I am then left with either sharing photos or keeping them locked up in a room. I still prefer the former . . .

  2. April 3, 2011

    We share the same addiction and attitude Rufus. I sure like sharing my photos that’s why they can be found in 5 or 6 sites, I just downsize them to 900px so they won’t take ages to upload.
    I’ve seen few of my pictures stolen and posted over the net but I’d get pissed off if they are used for commercial purposes. Downsizing them, at least prevents this incident as they can’t be printed.

  3. June 16, 2011

    okay… boy george…

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