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Febreze Would Have Changed My Life


Rufus Mangrove

Back in the day, all we had was the Lysol Spray. The kind that came in a metal can. When I see the options available now, it’s clear we weren’t fooling anyone back then.

Decisions you must make on a Deserted Island


Rufus Mangrove

If you were on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific, what would you bring:

Cheez-It Original -OR- Cheez-It White Cheddar

Dried Sliced Mango -OR- Dried Sliced Apples

Poland Spring Water -OR- Evian Spring Water

Ding Dongs -OR- Hostess Cupcakes

KFC Extra Crispy Chicken -OR- Popeye’s Original Chicken

Wendy’s Fries -OR- McDonald’s Fries

Dorito’s Nacho Cheese -OR- Dorito’s Ranch

Nestle Drumstick Icecream -OR- Choco Taco

M&M’s without peanuts -OR- M&M’s with peanuts

Corn Flakes -OR- Wheaties

German Shepherd -OR- Standard Poodle

Oatmeal -OR- Grits

Scrambled Eggs -OR- Sunny Side Up

Sprite -OR- Sierra Mist

IPA -OR- Port

Bourbon -OR- Rye

Rocking Chair -OR- Sofa

Pandora -OR- Spotify

Ipad -OR- Surface

Black Licorice -OR- Red Licorice

Futbol -OR- Football

Vape -OR- Old School

Scuba -OR- Snorkel

Hammock -OR- Therm-a-rest

Slippers -OR- Flipflops

Doughnuts -OR- Malasadas

Chinese Food -OR- Sushi

Grilled Cheese -OR- Mac n’ Cheese

Shower -OR- Bath

Regular Tooth Brush -OR- Sonicare Brush

Dr. Broner’s Soap -OR- Irish Spring

New York Times -OR- Washington Post

Netflix -OR- Amazon Prime

Walking Dead -OR- Breaking Bad

The Predator -OR- The Princess Bride

Matches -OR- Lighters

Spray -OR- Roll-on

Werewolves -OR- Vampires

The Gum Blots of Georgia Avenue


Rufus Mangrove

There were only a few of them at first. And then before you know it, there were close to a few hundred. They started eating the grass, then the vegetables, and then the pets. That’s when we had to move. Then I saw on facebook that they’re congregating near my neighborhood. I don’t want to move again but I’ve seen what they’re capable of.

The Fermi Paradox


Rufus Mangrove

The Fermi Paradox is “the apparent contradiction between the lack of evidence and high probability estimates for the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.” I don’t know if I buy this. I think the fact that we can imagine that there is life in space means that there is in fact life in space. In the end, I think the paradox comes down to this: at some point either we will take planes into space or something will come in planes from space. We just don’t know.

Somewhere over there


Rufus Mangrove


That’s where I want to go.

What Universe Are You From?


Rufus Mangrove


According to a personality test I took on the internet, I’m apparently from a purple universe about three hundred million light years away. I didn’t believe it at first — because who believes anything on the internet anyway — but I know deep inside that it’s true. Sometimes, when I force myself to wake up while in deep REM sleep, I am visited by my ancestors from the Purple Universe. They tell me all kinds of stories like how they arrived on Earth, and how there were others from other Universes fighting it out to see who would maintain supremacy. They were all humans as we know it but they had different characteristics. Some had additional eyes or legs. Things like that. But one thing was clear: it was a violent time. There wasn’t much food until some of the people from the Purple and Orange Universes got together and cooked all the dinosaurs in these huge BBQ pits. It was eye-opening if you ask me. And it also made me realize that space travel isn’t for the weak or faint at heart.

Donut or Doughnuts?


Rufus Mangrove


When I think of the spelling of those magical round fried dough like creations with a hole in the middle, I don’t think of “doughnuts.” Instead, I think of “donuts,” which according to Merriam Webster, is the “less common spelling” of the term.

While I understand that “doughnuts” may be the “more correct” spelling — because after all “doughnuts” are made of “dough” — I just have trouble accepting the fact that “doughnut” is the “more common spelling.”

For all the “doughnut” spelling purists, maybe I can be forgiven for not understanding the language. I was born in the late 1970’s, so the only “doughnut” shop I knew about growing up was ultimately Dunkin’ Donuts.

And then later, in New York, I remember places like Alpha Donut, D-Lite Donuts, and of course, the one and only, the creator of the topnotch triple threat Plain-Powder-Cinnamon Softee Donuts, Entenmann’s Donuts. There was also this place right off Queensboro Plaza subway station, and I am convinced their name had Donut in it.

This is far from any scientific study, but I’ve noticed that many of the nouveau places — you know, the kind where everything is handcrafted, artisanal, and most importantly, grossly overpriced — generally use the Doughnut spelling. See Doughnut Plant.

I prefer “Donut” shops, as opposed to “Doughnut” shops. I don’t want the menu printed in handwritten colored chalk. I don’t want my coffee in a big ceramic mug with a foam heart on top. I don’t want 67 different varieties of donuts to choose from. I don’t want cozy sofas to sit on, or I Heart Radio playing in the background. I don’t want a place that accepts credit cards. I don’t want a cloth napkin served with my donuts.  And I definitely don’t want my donut served on a plate.


Keep your damn Doughnuts, you Doughnut People.


New Hampshire Avenue


Rufus Mangrove


There are electric eels in my bathtub.


I write the songs


Rufus Mangrove



From the Inside


Rufus Mangrove


From the Inside

Take everything from the inside

and throw it all away

I swear for the last time

I won’t trust myself with you