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Decisions you must make on a Deserted Island


Rufus Mangrove

If you were on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific, what would you bring:

Cheez-It Original -OR- Cheez-It White Cheddar

Dried Sliced Mango -OR- Dried Sliced Apples

Poland Spring Water -OR- Evian Spring Water

Ding Dongs -OR- Hostess Cupcakes

KFC Extra Crispy Chicken -OR- Popeye’s Original Chicken

Wendy’s Fries -OR- McDonald’s Fries

Dorito’s Nacho Cheese -OR- Dorito’s Ranch

Nestle Drumstick Icecream -OR- Choco Taco

M&M’s without peanuts -OR- M&M’s with peanuts

Corn Flakes -OR- Wheaties

German Shepherd -OR- Standard Poodle

Oatmeal -OR- Grits

Scrambled Eggs -OR- Sunny Side Up

Sprite -OR- Sierra Mist

IPA -OR- Port

Bourbon -OR- Rye

Rocking Chair -OR- Sofa

Pandora -OR- Spotify

Ipad -OR- Surface

Black Licorice -OR- Red Licorice

Futbol -OR- Football

Vape -OR- Old School

Scuba -OR- Snorkel

Hammock -OR- Therm-a-rest

Slippers -OR- Flipflops

Doughnuts -OR- Malasadas

Chinese Food -OR- Sushi

Grilled Cheese -OR- Mac n’ Cheese

Shower -OR- Bath

Regular Tooth Brush -OR- Sonicare Brush

Dr. Broner’s Soap -OR- Irish Spring

New York Times -OR- Washington Post

Netflix -OR- Amazon Prime

Walking Dead -OR- Breaking Bad

The Predator -OR- The Princess Bride

Matches -OR- Lighters

Spray -OR- Roll-on

Werewolves -OR- Vampires

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  1. Ballard #
    February 22, 2019


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