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The Gum Blots of Georgia Avenue


Rufus Mangrove

There were only a few of them at first. And then before you know it, there were close to a few hundred. They started eating the grass, then the vegetables, and then the pets. That’s when we had to move. Then I saw on facebook that they’re congregating near my neighborhood. I don’t want to move again but I’ve seen what they’re capable of.


The Fermi Paradox


Rufus Mangrove

The Fermi Paradox is “the apparent contradiction between the lack of evidence and high probability estimates for the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.” I don’t know if I buy this. I think the fact that we can imagine that there is life in space means that there is in fact life in space. In the end, I think the paradox comes down to this: at some point either we will take planes into space or something will come in planes from space. We just don’t know.

Somewhere over there


Rufus Mangrove


That’s where I want to go.

What Universe Are You From?


Rufus Mangrove


According to a personality test I took on the internet, I’m apparently from a purple universe about three hundred million light years away. I didn’t believe it at first — because who believes anything on the internet anyway — but I know deep inside that it’s true. Sometimes, when I force myself to wake up while in deep REM sleep, I am visited by my ancestors from the Purple Universe. They tell me all kinds of stories like how they arrived on Earth, and how there were others from other Universes fighting it out to see who would maintain supremacy. They were all humans as we know it but they had different characteristics. Some had additional eyes or legs. Things like that. But one thing was clear: it was a violent time. There wasn’t much food until some of the people from the Purple and Orange Universes got together and cooked all the dinosaurs in these huge BBQ pits. It was eye-opening if you ask me. And it also made me realize that space travel isn’t for the weak or faint at heart.

Enter Your Draft Here


Rufus Mangrove

I’m kind of glad I left New York City when I did. At least that’s what I tell myself.

When people ask me whether I miss New York City, I invariably say, “There’s less noise and fewer people.”

The metro is clean. I still don’t know how much a ride costs. I don’t have to walk everywhere I go if I don’t want to. I can get in my busted Prius with its faded magnets and bumper stickers and drive so I can buy some useless shit to put in my trunk.

No more pushing or pulling those busted wire carts down the sidewalk.

I still crave pizza and bagels. A good bagel shop is one that knows how to properly make pumpernickel.

They have this pizza called “New Haven Style.” I don’t know how to describe it really. It’s not thin, foldable, or oily. It’s not going to satisfy that part of the taste buds that are also reserved for fried chicken or donuts.

They put salad on the pizza.

No credibility.

There were always people in New York. There was always something, and you knew if you waited long enough, or traveled far enough, something was going to go down.

I can walk for an hour now and not really see anyone.

I think I’ve photographed the same tree about fifty times.

It could also be I’m just going old.

Bear with me as I figure some things out.




From the Inside


Rufus Mangrove


From the Inside

Take everything from the inside

and throw it all away

I swear for the last time

I won’t trust myself with you



Rufus Mangrove


It was there and then it wasn’t.

the satellite is coming


Rufus Mangrove

satellite by rufus mangrove copyrighted material

It’s time to go home.

The Waiting


Rufus Mangrove

the waiting by rufus mangrove copyrighted material

You can hustle all you want, but in the end you’re waiting in that same line to the clouds.

Sleeping Ute


Rufus Mangrove

sleeping ute by rufus mangrove copyrighted material

I went to retrieve my wings from the basement but discovered that someone had already taken them.