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flying puffs


Rufus Mangrove

if i had to fly, i don’t think i’d be a bird or even a plane. i want to be like a thin trail of smoke from some nag champa incense. i just wanna cascade upwards toward the sky and then dissipate all over the fucking earth.


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  1. phillyshooter #
    July 31, 2012

    Rufus, I’d appreciate some warning about you dissipating over Phila. I got enough shit coming at me and I don’t need NYC Rufus dissipating around here.
    Please let your load go over Jersey as they need the fertilizer.

    If dissipating ain’t shittin’ don’t pay me any mind….I’m fucked anyhow….

    Love your shit…..uh…uh stuff.

  2. July 31, 2012

    Fascinating!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

  3. July 31, 2012

    Your Frangipani smell-goodery would intoxicate us all.

  4. August 1, 2012

    NIce shot – I’ve seen those things but never thought of taking a photo at one. Sort of a human slingshot.

    Thanks for sharing.

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