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my girlfriends


Rufus Mangrove

me and my girlfriends are tight. we grew up together in fallanton. that’s about seven miles from the ohio state university. we all went there. nancy, the one with the reddish hair in the front, she’s a nurse at mercy med. jen, the one out in the back, she’s a housewife with four amazing kids. and for me i’m a systems analyst for facebook. don’t tell anyone this but i can see all your profiles and pictures even the ones that are private. if you press “$” and hold down the control key (or the command key if you have a mac) when you log on, you have super facebook powers, kind of like when you have double or triple stacks in checkers and you can jump over like four or five pieces. i once viewed chris lagorga’s profile. i went to high school with him and i had such a crush on him but he didn’t really look at me much because he was one of those football player guys. he went on to play for duke or something but anyway i kept trying to friend him on facebook but he kept ignoring me. i got sick and tired of it, because i helped him with his homework. without me he wouldn’t have graduated. so i used my special facebook powers and boom, i’m his friend. i think he’s tried to unfriend me like seven times but i keep adding myself. i’m thinking of adding a picture of myself on his wall or something. i can’t wait to see what he says.

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