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it has a way


Rufus Mangrove

age has a way of creeping up on you but not in that i’m tip-toeing on a creaky floor with a knife in my hand. it’s more like a parade of drummers. as you get older, you keep wondering, wow this is a cool parade. and then before you start thinking too much about that parade, you start thinking of how it was just yesterday that you were in high school and you had zits and it was so cool to have your own car and do your own thing and that you had all these dreams and that you were genuinely different than everyone else because you are somehow unique and maybe you are destined for fame. then you wake up just like any other day, just like every day, and the drummers that are all around you, they’re getting louder and louder, and then you realize that’s YOUR fucking parade man, and that they’re playing drums for you like they’ve always been.

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