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picking teeth


Rufus Mangrove

once in a while, i dream of molars encompassed by fields of gold flakes.

time and a half


Rufus Mangrove

some of my friends’ friends, they keep talking about wanting to get a better car than the one they have. but me, i don’t even have a car. i like to think i can afford it but really i can’t. i eat three times a day and go out to lunch at least once a week, but i can’t afford a car. where am i going to park it? whose going to pay for the insurance? with all those crazy drivers out there and the teenagers now they just hit my car after a few weeks and then i won’t be able to drive it. what then. then i’ll be paying for a car that doesn’t work. that’s the last thing i need right now with the economy the way it is. some of my friends friends don’t have jobs so i don’t know where they are getting the money but probably from rich uncles or something. that’s the only thing that could explain it because me i’ve got a good job, no a great job at the dumpling house. i work maybe nine hours a day, starting with the lunch shift. we go pretty hard those few hours then we slow down then pick up again right around 5:30. i get to meet lots of people. people from the neighborhood. tourists. the young ones. and i get to eat on the house so none of my money goes wasted to food. i keep my expenses low. and sometimes in the summers, i get picked to work overtime for the weddings. and that’s when i make some good money. i make time a half.

indecent proposal


Rufus Mangrove

i got some x-box back in my room.



Rufus Mangrove

i’ve been working in this industry for about a year and a half since coming over. my cousin got me this job. he said it was going to be a lot of work. but they don’t ask no questions and i get ten an hour. i take things off the truck and deliver them. if i had to say i noticed one consistent thing about this city is how much cabbage we deliver. chinese restaurants. delis. bodegas. pizza joints. the movie theaters. the starbucks. the duane reade. the target. the zoo. everywhere. all we did for twelve hours straight was delivering cabbage from one place to another. you know boxes and boxes of cabbages. the amount just doesn’t make too much sense to me. maybe except for some of those people that eat pickled cabbage all the time, but that doesn’t equal out with the amount of cabbage we are delivering. my boss tells me we delivered about three million pounds of cabbage in the last six months. and that’s just here in manhattan. he said if gas were cheaper, we’d be delivering at least three times that easy.



Rufus Mangrove

you know you want what i got right here.

i am a lincoln towncar


Rufus Mangrove

when i was younger, all my friends either wanted to be the next daryl strawberry or the next axl rose or the c.e.o. of disney. but me, i didn’t find any of that too appealing. i wanted to be a car and not just any car, but a full-size luxury sedan like a lincoln towncar. the thing that got me about the lincoln were the seats. it’s real leather in there made in the united states and not the kind of stuff they make the shoes out of at payless shoe source. real american leather makes a difference. i have thirteen lincoln towncars at home. i keep four in my garage, three in my backyard, three in the living room, and two in my kitchen. the ones in my house i don’t drive. i hire three guys from ecuador to rub the leather inside with cocoa butter every other day. every night before i go to sleep, i go inside one of my town cars and close my eyes and think of myself floating down fifth avenue, past the taxis and the stupid tourists and the buildings.

american teenager X


Rufus Mangrove

they don’t make them like they used to.



Rufus Mangrove

when you leave the past behind and walk away, that’s when the cracks begin to show.

The Readjustment Bureau


Rufus Mangrove

we fix what the adjustment bureau fucks up.

galaxy warrior


Rufus Mangrove

my name is sky maldonado. i am a galaxy warrior. i have training in several forms of martial arts, including other fighting styles, like waxing and vibration waves. i’ve been a strict vegetarian since joining the order of galaxy warriors nine years ago. my life was different then. i went to school so i could get a job. i got a job so i could be in debt. i just kept working and working but really not going anywhere. and then i met the emperor, the father of all galaxy warriors. he taught me to start eating kale because it cleansed the mind. he taught me to stop paying all my bills with cash or credit but instead to send typewritten poems about mountains. we could get away with it because there were thousands of us. they were afraid because they knew the galaxy warriors could get others to stop paying. but that’s one of our smaller victories in the whole scheme of things. we’re in charge of running the most sophisticated eavesdropping equipment in the world. we’ve converted every telephone booth to what we call ultragravitational eavesdropping beacons. these devices actually float in the airwaves and using a reverse filter, absorbs words as chains of sentences and emails them to various anonymous networks run by the government. you don’t see us, but we’re the cogs.