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Somewhere in Maryland


Rufus Mangrove

somewhere in maryland by rufus mangrove

“Every man needs his own chair. His chair is not connected to any other chair, and has armrests and a retractable footrest, either electronic or manual. A man’s chair needs to be separated by at least eight feet of space from all sides. No one other than the man, except for the dog or the cat, can sit in the man’s chair. This rule applies even when the man is not in the room. The man’s chair is not required to match with the other furniture as a precondition for its existence. . .”

Hon. Craig Litbee, during the opening submission of the Progression of Situations Act of the Umb Congress of the Republic West. 1973.


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  1. January 14, 2015

    Fabulous picture and quote. Same goes for every woman. :)
    I once set up ‘my chair’, actually a corner of a sofa, with sewing needles in the padded arm and a lamp next to it to do my sewing and reading by. When I suggested it was ‘mine’ my partner at the time had a conniption! I remember my grandad’s chair with the tall ashtray and my father’s with the Chihuahua on his lap.
    Thanks for stimulating my eyes and my memory. :)

  2. Ballard L Tackett Jr. #
    January 15, 2015

    Yea Baby!

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