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this is how do it on flatbush avenue


Rufus Mangrove

taxi taxi taxi


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  1. July 5, 2011

    Just picked up a GRIII. How do you like shooting through the LCD? I imagine that has to be the hardest part.

    Really great colors, here, btw. I thought this was film until seeing the tags.

    • Rufus Mangrove #
      July 6, 2011

      Hey Troy. I don’t actually use the LCD screen, especially outdoors. Either I’m getting old or my screen is not calibrated right, but I can’t see the screen too well outdoors. So I use optical viewfinders from Voigtlander (a 28mm and a 21mm) that I also use on my rangefinder. Because of the “snap focus” capability of the GRD III, an optical viewfinder is more efficient and natural in my mind and saves on battery life (although the GRD III lasts a long time!). Have a fun time with the Ricoh. It’s such a fun camera to use, kind of like doodling and sketching. And seeing that you recently picked up a Yashica GSN, I’m going to bet within the next few months you’re going to sell that MKII for something that starts with an L. It’s inevitable! ~Rufus

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