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next stop


Rufus Mangrove

flowing down nostrand avenue on my sailboat with a pocket full of pistachos and the new york times. underneath my hat is where i keep my secret documents. i do that because that’s the last place they would look. you see, they’ll search my bag and then rifle through my jacket and my pockets. and when they don’t find nothing, they’ll probably get up real close to my face and ask me in no uncertain terms that they could search my apartment if they wanted to. in those situations, you just have to relax and don’t maintain eye contact for too long. just look at the ground and think about how many steps it would take to get to sheepshead bay. no use getting angry or taking out the master blaster over a bunch of suits with badges. i’ve got better things to waste my lasers on.

i am kim kardashian


Rufus Mangrove

i don’t know what kind of country we live in nowadays when the front page of over seventy-five percent of the dailies are reserved for what’s left of kim kardashian’s marriage. everyone is pointing their fingers and shaking their heads in disgust. but give the bitch a break. i mean, we want the drama. we want the fights. we want some salaciousness and some excess to top it off. that’s what makes that big ass of hers so interesting and fun to follow. if i wanted just to look at big ass, i’d go to the grand concourse with my video camera. kim kardashian is more than that. she took a big ass and gave it neon lights and a moustache.

magik powahs in dee welop ment


Rufus Mangrove

give me a few years and i won’t have to amaze you with either my word for word recital of dickinson’s ‘a curious cloud surprised the sky,’ the fact that i have lunch with tori amos about once a month at my parent’s house in bar harbor, or that i know the manager of pianos. wait until this estrogen really kicks in and i’ll tower over you like a giraffe in knee high boots.

i dream of the rainbow room


Rufus Mangrove

a search of my mind reveals a dream i kept in a green plastic box underneath my bed. i didn’t think anyone would find it there. but you know how technology is now. nothing is really safe, not even your thoughts apparently. maybe if i go into the forest when it’s raining, and download my thoughts into a rainbow, the leprechauns would safeguard it until i get back.

search engine


Rufus Mangrove

a little bit of dis. a little bit of dat.

forever young


Rufus Mangrove

imagine a world where everyday is the first day.

i like coney island in the rain


Rufus Mangrove

for me, the best time to go to coney island is in the summer when it’s raining. the rain washes away all the dust and litter and manhattanites that tend to accumulate. what’s left is the innocence that will always be coney island. even if you weren’t born here, you are transported back, even for a few seconds, to that time in your childhood when you could yell at the top of your lungs, when your daddy was your best friend, and you ran from one place to another because you could.

this is how do it on flatbush avenue


Rufus Mangrove

taxi taxi taxi

the vanity room


Rufus Mangrove

putting on some sun.

summer is here


Rufus Mangrove

nothing is more glorious in childhood than ice cream in the summer.