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Rufus Mangrove

it had just started to get warm in the city. not hot like it is now, but hot in that it’s the first day over seventy degrees in about four months kind of hot. so i thought it would be a good idea to get some ice cream. by the time i got to the store, i was actually hot because wearing a suit and tie in the sun when you’re not used to it can be trouble. i opened the door, met with that refreshing dairy sugary sweet air conditioning smell that feels like a cotton candy kiss, and saw the cool tiles all over the place. but the place was real narrow, and that piqued my attention too. i just started thinking about when luke skywalker, princess lea, chubaka, and hans solo get caught in that garbage compactor and the walls start closing in. imagine what it would have been like for them in this kind of store if the walls started closing in. i then knew i had to get out of there fast.

mott street
chinatown, nyc

leica m3
CV 21mm

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