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space invaders


Rufus Mangrove

space invaders by rufus mangrove

they’ll probably come down when we’re all sleeping. maybe on the night before christmas or when the earth is engulfed in a massive hurricane and everyone is huddled inside behind taped windows. i’m guessing they start in the forests and other heavily wooded areas, to get their footing and work on their balance. since they’re careful, they’re going to spend maybe a year or so hiding and sneaking about, watching our movements. there might be a report here or there, nothing national, about “sightings” up in the “mountains,” but we’ll probably just talk about that when we’re drunk. and then when all the ducks are in a row and they control all the machines, they will come through our doors, five for every one of us, and lock us in cages for a few years. in those years, there would be a big debate amongst the invaders of what to do with us, like keep us alive underground or use us for entertainment. but then it becomes clear, after most of us become brainwashed and unable to do anything, that the invaders are going to smash us and use us for crude oil to power their new machines. the population is eliminated except for small bands of humans, hiding in tunnels under the ground and in the rock faces.

I have nothing against NPR


Rufus Mangrove

i believe there is a chance by rufus mangrove

I have nothing against NPR. Let me first just make that clear. What I have a problem with is sometimes they put really questionable stuff on the air, which makes me wonder whether the stuff I think is legit is really, in fact, just plain bullshit. Take for instance right now. On the air, someone is interviewing a father-son team, who wrote some book about “What waiters really think of you.” First of all, I don’t give a fuck about what waiters think of me. I’m not sure what else to say after that.

nyquil dreams


Rufus Mangrove

nyquil dreams rufus mangrove

last night i got into my car and drove into the ocean. at the time it didn’t seem like a stupid idea. i had to get to coney island and going via the ocean was the quickest way. by the time i made it a few hundred feet off shore, i realized i had a lot longer to go, and things were taking a lot longer than i expected. i was able to turn the car around but the current prevented me from going anywhere. i wasn’t freaking out because i could see land but the more i pressed the gas, the more i just stayed in the same place. i thought about jumping overboard and pushing the car but then there might have been sharks.

you’re my diamond girl


Rufus Mangrove

sending all my love rufus mangrove

diamond girl you make me feel
like I’m on fire when you are near
you captivate me with your smile
girl you make me get so wild . . .

all you kids from the 1990’s and 2000’s don’t know shit about this.

the big dogs of cortelyou road


Rufus Mangrove

big dogs of cortelyou road rufus mangrove

[in your best don lafontaine voice]

In a world long forgotten. In an age of darkness. . .

One man took a stand to stop a war that should have ended long ago.

Get ready for action. Prepare for excitement. And hold on for the ride of your life.

The Big Dogs of Cortelyou Road.

Starring John Goodman.

Coming Soon.

double trouble


Rufus Mangrove

double trouble rufus mangrove

beware of the aswang.

give it a squeeze


Rufus Mangrove

give it a squeeze rufus mangrove

just give it a squeeze. or just a little turn to the right.

hold on


Rufus Mangrove

holding on rufus mangrove

this ain’t no wilson phillips song motherfucker.

We Interrupt Your Normally Scheduled Programming


Rufus Mangrove

that girl is poison rufus mangrove

They had prepared a feast with unwrapped candy bars, sliced hot dogs, and mounds of some sort of pasta dish that looked like a cross between Kraft Mac N’ Cheese and cooked oatmeal. I wasn’t really that hungry but I didn’t want to offend my hosts by refusing the paper plate they had pushed in front of me with their noses. I quickly picked up one of the candy bars and put it in my mouth, chewing as fast as I could. It tasted like an old snickers bar, the chocolate a bit too crunchy and the bits of nougat and peanuts sticking to the roof my mouth as though they had been dipped in rubber cement.

The Dog of Glenwood Road


Rufus Mangrove

doggie rufus mangrove

it was only when i reached my mid thirties did i understand what it meant to be comfortably numb.