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Be Yourself


Rufus Mangrove

Be Yourself by Rufus Mangrove

Photography is hard, even though the cameras they make now make it seem as though taking pictures is easy. I can’t think of any other pursuit where you’re always thinking, “What can I capture next?” or “Where can I capture it?” or “Do I have the right fucking lens on?” on an almost continual basis. It can become manic and frustrating. And what other pursuit can you consistently fail 99 percent of the time, and that’s just with the shots you took. How much quiet desperation did you feel when you were on the street and missed the shot? When you’re playing football, and you drop the catch, at least everyone knows it. But when you’re a photographer, you share the pain and failure alone, and without anyone knowing that you were there and you missed it. Sometimes, it may seem that nothing is working or that there’s nothing to shoot. Keep going. Shoot for yourself. In the end, it is the discipline that will keep you going in light of the failures, not motivation.

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