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Look Up


Rufus Mangrove

Look Up

Are cellphones going down the path of french fries? Sometimes I think so. In the 1980’s, I recall that eating fries wasn’t only considered not bad for you but it was actually encouraged that you eat them.

“Here, son, eat something healthy, like french fries.”

Then at some point in the 1990’s, it became not good for you, so much so that somewhere in the 2000’s, you could rightfully look down at a parent giving a baby french fries. But the thing is, unlike raw butter sticks or lard pudding, french fries taste really good to a large amount of the human population. In the back of my mind, someone who doesn’t like french fries simply cannot be trusted.

I see people now with their cellphones and when they get the opportunity to “veg” out they “cell” out, and go to town facebooking, videowatching, emailing, etc., like mad zombies, during times and instances where previously it would have been “normal” to talk or observe or just be human. The units of time have become altered with these damn things, leaving more time to virtually connect and less time to being human, unless being human is now virtually connecting.

Maybe at some point cellphone use will seem bad and people’s behaviors will change. But like french fries, I’ve tasted the Kool-Aid, and it’s good.

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