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next stop


Rufus Mangrove

flowing down nostrand avenue on my sailboat with a pocket full of pistachos and the new york times. underneath my hat is where i keep my secret documents. i do that because that’s the last place they would look. you see, they’ll search my bag and then rifle through my jacket and my pockets. and when they don’t find nothing, they’ll probably get up real close to my face and ask me in no uncertain terms that they could search my apartment if they wanted to. in those situations, you just have to relax and don’t maintain eye contact for too long. just look at the ground and think about how many steps it would take to get to sheepshead bay. no use getting angry or taking out the master blaster over a bunch of suits with badges. i’ve got better things to waste my lasers on.



Rufus Mangrove

my name is gregory. the mta calls me 7217 and most of you know me as the bus. can you let some people know at disney know that i want my own show? a few days ago, some kid brought in a portable dvd player with lightening mcqueen on it. everyone knows you’re not supposed to play dvds out loud like that because it hurts my hypersensitive ears but he was maybe seven years old and i know the bus driver didn’t have the heart to tell him to put on some headphones and i didn’t feel like saying anything either. mcqueen has that sidekick mater and he’s kind of a doofus if you ask me. mcqueen needs someone like me, like gregory the bus.