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The Gum Blots of Georgia Avenue


Rufus Mangrove

There were only a few of them at first. And then before you know it, there were close to a few hundred. They started eating the grass, then the vegetables, and then the pets. That’s when we had to move. Then I saw on facebook that they’re congregating near my neighborhood. I don’t want to move again but I’ve seen what they’re capable of.



Rufus Mangrove

elevator by rufus mangrove copyrighted material

You can find me in the shade.

Taylor Swift is not the AntiChrist


Rufus Mangrove

Taylor Swift is not the anti-christ by Rufus Mangrove

What I find interesting is that the most vitriolic of critics against Taylor Swift are the same ones who love the acoustic youtube covers of her songs. You can spot them pretty easily on youtube. They’ll say things like:

“This song would be so AWESOME if you sang this . . .”
“I don’t know how Taylor Swift is famous and you’re not . . .”
“I first heard this song before I heard the Taylor Swift version of it . . .”
“You sing it the way this song is supposed to be sang . . .”

But before you think I’m defending Taylor Swift and her perfect makeup and carved out of plastic look, I should make it clear that I like her in the same way that I like a road cactus or the Flying J on I-90 . . . they’re just there and part of America. You can make your own value judgments on what that says about our shared culture.

The thing is, even when you acousticize her songs with a creative cover on youtube, they’re still fucking Taylor Swift songs, no matter how good they sound.

How to create inspirational posts on Facebook that most everybody will like


Rufus Mangrove

The Sliver by Rufus Mangrove

“I often tell my clients that it’s important to absolutely destroy yourself once in a while. That way, when you eventually pick yourself up off the ground after some form or forms of self-destructive behavior (preferably something that lasts a year or more), you will be in a better position mentally to find a really good inspirational quote set against a nice warm picture of clouds or sunsets, or a woman running into the distance on a beach. You can then post variants of that quote over and over again on Facebook, sometimes in different fonts (safe bets are copperplate, palatino, and papyrus, but always, always, avoid comic sans and arial), and your friends will like it, because people can’t dislike positive people and messages. The goal in all of this is for someone to share your inspirational post, hopefully someone like George Takei, which you will then share, along with a new quote that sheds light on your further realizations, which hopefully will be shared again, giving you yet another opportunity to share and pontificate in a couple of sentences about what happiness means to you and the larger world.”



Rufus Mangrove

saint camilus by rufus mangrove

you know the feeling you get when you knock on a door and nobody answers?

Ellsworth Drive


Rufus Mangrove

Ellsworth Drive by Rufus Mangrove #Maryland365

Ellsworth Drive.
#Maryland365 – Silver Spring, MD.

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