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Do you want to bang heads with me?


Rufus Mangrove

do you want to bang heads with me? by rufus mangrove

It seems that most of the stuff on my facebook feed has evolved into inspirational quotes and amazingly uplifting videos. It’s so full of positivity that I rarely have negative thoughts anymore. But when I lose reception on my phone, I’m almost beside myself. I start wondering what videos I’m missing from Sun Gazing, and I start to pace around, constantly pressing the refresh button on my phone, as I whisper how fucking unacceptable it is to have no phone service in a relatively civilized part of the city. But in the back of my mind, I know it’s T-Mobile, and I have a blackberry, and that combination isn’t very reliable. Still, it’s no excuse but then after a few battery pulls everything goes back to normal except now everything is going a little slower on my phone. Then I realize I have to renew my passport by the end of this month so when I go to that site listed first on google that promises you will “avoid the lines” in “three easy steps,” I of course immediately try to sign up. It takes me about twenty minutes to type in all my details but then it asks me for payment and I forgot to read the FAQ beforehand. I’m going to be paying you first but at what point are you going to tell me about the passport picture. Sure, I’m happy that I don’t have to wait at the post-office, but I’d be even happier if I didn’t have to go to some Kinkos or some hole in the wall place for some stranger to take a picture of me.

After Sandy


Rufus Mangrove

After Sandy Rufus Mangrove

About a month ago, I was looking through the on-again off-again mess that is my closet. On the floor, behind a box of folders, were ten rolls of exposed tri-x in a ziplock bag. I had no idea when I took these films , other than that it was within the last five years. This was the first roll I had developed. My Ricoh has been suffering from light leaks, and this was taken before I noticed how consistent and pervasive the leaks became.

About a week after Sandy, I went with a group of neighbors down to the Rockaways to help out. Even with the pictures and news reports, there was still nothing that prepared me for what I saw. Homes and businesses destroyed with such certainty. Reminders everywhere of things and people that used to be.