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Rufus Mangrove

a lot of people think i keep my wallet in here or my extra pair of leather thongs. but it never really crossed anyone’s mind out there that i was a follower of positive behavioral adjustment. it works a bit like this. you get rid of money. you get rid of titles and jobs. it’s not necessarily communism, because we all know that’s flawed, but compassionate capitalistic collectivism. we sit all together, as close as possible, and that’s how we get rid of our dependence on foreign oil. and in terms of producing crops and products, we provide incentives through stickers. you grow a tree. you’ll get a round sticker. you grow a row of corn. you’ll get maybe ten or fifteen stickers, maybe even the shiny kind that was kind of puffy too. you grow a whole farm of three types of fruit and you get forty five stickers of your choice. and the way it’s still compassionate is that you actually have to put up the stickers on a collective wooden board in the center of town.