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Ellsworth Drive


Rufus Mangrove

Ellsworth Drive by Rufus Mangrove #Maryland365

Ellsworth Drive.
#Maryland365 – Silver Spring, MD.

Follow the project here:

We interrupt our normally scheduled programming to bring you this message that no one will read


Rufus Mangrove

langley park by rufus mangrove

We interrupt our normally scheduled programming to bring you this message

I don’t have an official name for this project yet. For now, it’s called #Maryland365. No, I’m not taking a picture everyday or something.

For the “categorizers” and lovers of dictionaries, this line of work would likely be called “street portraits.” That is . . . close up portraits, taken on the street, with permission. I’m going to agree with the recent posts by the one and only Charlie Kirk that this project should not be labeled as “street photography.”

The pictures in this project will include a location and, as it stands, the #Maryland365. As of now, I’m focusing on Takoma Park and the surrounding area. I haven’t yet figured out what to do if I end up in DC, which is only a few minutes away. I’ll cross that bridge another day, as finding the correct hashtag doesn’t really keep me up at night. So, welcome to the first post in several. And, no, I do not approve of the ads below. I could pay wordpress to get rid of them, but as of now, I’m going to spend that money on an ND filter.

University Blvd.
Langley Park, Maryland.

Once upon a time


Rufus Mangrove

once upon a time by rufus mangrove

Maybe I should have gotten on that train.

Street Photography and Hopelessness


Rufus Mangrove

street photography and hoplessness by rufus mangrove

Is there anything more hopeless in the photography world than street photography? Here’s a camera, go wander the fucking streets by yourself for a period of time and for no money, and come back with something good that most people don’t want to look at on their walls.

You ever get your rolls back in the mail and ask yourself why you were allowed to carry a camera that day? You ever review a memory card worth of pictures and immediately want to sell all your digital equipment on Ebay? Street photography can be fucking hopeless. But you do it anyway, because you saw a picture, and you had to take it. Or worse, you do it because you saw a picture and you missed it.

So if you’re going to do it, just know what you’re getting into. Because once you start, you will never stop, like some kind of sick Alfred Hitchcock episode . . .

Everyone’s a Photographer


Rufus Mangrove

everyone's a photographer by rufus mangrove

She told me to get a camera and get back to business.