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the big dogs of cortelyou road


Rufus Mangrove

big dogs of cortelyou road rufus mangrove

[in your best don lafontaine voice]

In a world long forgotten. In an age of darkness. . .

One man took a stand to stop a war that should have ended long ago.

Get ready for action. Prepare for excitement. And hold on for the ride of your life.

The Big Dogs of Cortelyou Road.

Starring John Goodman.

Coming Soon.

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Rufus Mangrove

cortelyou road

keep going and don’t look back. i think i’ve heard or read that quote in one guise or another since the early 1980’s, you know, in graduation speeches, tea bags, shit like that where you were supposed to feel inspired. it advocated for thinking about your future and making the right choices and living with the consequences and becoming independent and other yada yada bullshit. but come on, is it really like that? i think most people, if given a chance now, would have remained attached either to their mother’s breast or a BPA free nipple while a nice steady stream of raffi and pureed sweet potatoes floated overhead.

sweet dreams


Rufus Mangrove

i play with rainbows and ferris wheels and cotton candy jump ropes when i’m not at school. i have a special place on top of an oak tree near prospect park where i keep all my magic stuff. i have to put it there because my brother doesn’t really share too well so i have to hide it from him. sometimes on the weekend, i go to vermont because i have a small plane that i keep there. it’s kind of hard to find but it’s only like maybe two hours from here. but i can go anywhere on the plane because it’s solar powered and wind powered too. last week i went to great adventures and the cool thing is that i don’t have to pay for the ticket i just land near the giraffes. they’re cool and all with me there so long as it’s just me.

lady cortelyou


Rufus Mangrove

it consumed me