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bodega dreams


Rufus Mangrove

you need dreams to keep you going, because when you’re waking up at five a.m. everyday to do pushups and situps and jump rope and then running outside when it’s thirty degrees out, you need an incentive. you need that ‘if’ to make you work just a little harder so when you do finally get that match to get you to the next level, you’re not going to fuck it up because someone out there was hungrier than you. i think some people are wrong when they say you only got one chance. you always have another chance. but if you fuck up your chance, you get used to fucking up. you come to accept it. and once that happens, the game is over.

Thieving Birds


Rufus Mangrove

Thieving Birds, originally uploaded by Rufus Mangrove.

Brooklyn Bridge, Part Two


Rufus Mangrove

Brooklyn Bridge, Part Two, originally uploaded by Rufus Mangrove.